The Morning Cruise Replay - Stuffed Full

Friday, February 12, 2021

Today's show was stuffed full with all sorts of conversations. 

Carmen shared her new favorite kitchen gadget and a couple of quick recipes. Bill shared from Song of Songs. And then Jayar popped in and shared some funny and rich moments with us. 

To make sure he wouldn't be late, Jayar slept in the office. Much to the surprise of Bill! 

In talking about this time of year, Jayar learned about Fat Tuesday and the true meaning of celebrating the day! 

With Jayar in, Bill thought it would be fun to play a game with him and Carmen to see how many famous "Jr's" they could name. 

Jayar then shared a very rich devotional thought from Isaiah 54 before discussing your most memorable hug. 

Carmen has made a point to step away from news and shared a great resource for current events and politics from a Christian perspective. 

We had so much fun with Jayar, Bill forgot how long he had been with us before sharing a BIG Word. 


00:33 Waffle Maker 

05:55 Buffalo Cauliflower

09:44 Song of Songs 

16:14 Jayar in next 

17:09 Jayar slept here

20:48 Fat Tuesday 

24:48 Bill wants to play a game 

27:49 Famous Juniors 

30:17 Winner 

31:13 Jayar shares from Isaiah 54 

35:40 Most Memorable Hug 

41:39 Caller shares a sweet moment 

43:49 The Pour Over 

48:58 Bill's BIG Word 



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