The Morning Cruise Replay - To Do Or Not To Do

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

You’ll have a lot to add to your to do list after listening to today’s episode of The Morning Cruise, and for some of those items, you’ll have a deadline to do it in!


00:33 Carmen’s Assignments

04:26 Carmen’s To Do List

11:26 Callers To Do Lists

13:12 Lawyer’s Cat Filter

15:20 Frank’s Been Found!

17:16 OFF-AIR with Carmen clip of Sarah Faulkner

21:29 Where To Find the podcast

23:27 Remaking Wizard of Oz

29:17 The Chosen TV Series

31:59 Bill’s To Do List is growing!

36:03 FriendRaiser

39:24 Thoughts from last week’s Bible Study with Paige Brown

43:36 Info on Paige Brown 

47:36 Bill's BIG Word 

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