The Morning Cruise Replay - Clear The Divide

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

After a good night of sleep, Carmen was much more ready for the show today. For those of you that need a little more of a pick me up, you might try a secret menu item at Starbucks celebrating the Bucs Super Bowl win! 

With football done for the season, Carmen's looking ahead to our FriendRaiser 

With Valentine's Day this weekend, Bill gave us some clear insight into the best states for singles and how some would rather spend the day with their pet. 

Paige Brown did a masterful job in her Bible Study last week in tying the Old and New Testaments together. 

While Kansas City fans may not want to come anywhere near Tampa Bay, one Tampa-based fan is reaching out to bridge that gap to his "seatmate" at the game. 

Bill also shared how one Atlanta Police officer went above and beyond for one woman in need of help. 

Carmen had a bit of an issue when going to the Super Bowl with all her belongings and now is looking into a clear bag for future trips to venues with similar security measures. 

If you know of a divide between a father and child, you may want them to hear what Bill has to say. And you'll want to follow that up with Pastor Aaron Burke's sermon series on Daddy Issues. 

Tomorrow, we'll share another episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen as she talks with Sarah who has lived through 2 brain aneurysms. 

00:32 Well-rested Carmen 

01:15 Star BUCS Frappucino 

04:04 FriendRaiser 1 month away 

05:57 Best States For Singles 

09:37 Valentine's Day with your dog 

11:06 Paige Brown clip on the Old Testament

15:24 Tying the testaments together 

18:40 Where To Find Paige Brown's Bible Study 

20:43 Tampa fan invites "Frank" 

23:20 APD officer's kindness 

26:08 Clear purses are a thing! 

33:15 A Fathers' Blessing 

37:10 Aaron Burke's sermon on Daddy Issues 

40:24 OFF-AIR with Carmen episode tomorrow! 

42:39 Bill's BIG Word 

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