The Morning Cruise Replay - Bowled Over

Monday, February 08, 2021

On the morning after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers historic win in Super Bowl LV, we spent some time discussing the big game and some key players that contributed as well as hearing about Carmen's experience at the game! 

00:33 CHAMPa Bay and Carmen's Game Day Experience 

04:54 Female Firsts in Super Bowl 

08:36 Tom Brady From Start To Finish 

13:46 Jersey Giveaway 

15:46 Jersey Winners 

18:13 GoFundMe for Taedan Johnson 

20:13 Super Bowl Ads 

25:06 Danny Gokey's visit and Dave still dealing with COVID

27:28 Temporary Tattoos with Scripture 

31:14 TB12 and Devin White 

36:28 Cameron Brate 

37:12 Tom Brady - from 199 to GOAT

42:28 Pete's Nachos were Nada 

44:42 Bill's BIG Word 






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