The Morning Cruise Replay - Snap Decisions

Thursday, February 04, 2021

All eyes will be on Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes this weekend as they take the snaps and make some quick decisions to drive towards their end zones. The decisions they make are critical to their success. Bill touched on that notion today. 

But before he did that, Carmen told us how Tom Brady's parents dealt with COVID at the beginning of this season. 

As part of the Super Bowl festivities, there will be a Super Bowl Prayer Breakfast held virtually this year. And those that watch and decide to call for prayer will be talking to our very own Prayer Line volunteers. 

Carmen shared the story of the Chilean miners that were trapped several years ago and the decisions that they made to stay positive before they were rescued. 

If you've decided to take a deeper dive into the Bible, we've got a couple of resources for you to check out. 

Need to decide what flowers to get for Valentine's Day? Carmen told us the meaning behind some rose colors. 

Being in the digital space, some decisions that you make can have serious consequences with Big Tech involved and cybersecurity measures. 

Can't decide what to eat? Try a subscription service like HelloFresh. 

Decifering what some things are when you've lost your senses of taste and smell can be difficult with COVID-19. BIll told us about a peculiar possible remedy. 

00:33 Tom Brady's Parents 

02:14 Prayer Ministry at Super Bowl Breakfast

04:40 Nicky Gumbel and Chilean Miners 

08:58 Bible Study and Paige Brown 

11:08 Snap Calls Linguistically Analyzed 

15:31 Making Better Decisions 

18:47 Rose Colors 

22:18 Yesterday's FB Live available 

26:25 Ethical Issues in Tech 

33:20 Cyber Security Concerns 

38:25 Hello Fresh and Dollar Shave Club 

43:17 Prayer Breakfast 

46:02 COVID-19 Taste and Smell Remedy 

48:37 Bill's BIG Word 

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