The Morning Cruise Replay - LIVE with Cain

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

The sibling trio, CAIN, joined Bill and Carmen for a very special episode of The Morning Cruise. But before they joined us, Bill and Carmen had a few chats mostly focused on the big game happening this weekend. 


00:33 Cain coming later on 

02:02 Food atrocities

05:55 Carmen going to Super Bowl 

09:31 Kimberly's welcome home to Tampa Bay 

12:57 Cain in shortly 

16:01 Cain's Journey from March 2020 till now 

22:20 Yes He Can 

24:29 From Country Music to Christian Music 

30:50 A DIY Music Video for Celebrate Me Home 

35:06 Checking That Drip 

41:52 Looking Ahead To the Next Year 

47:48 LIVESTREAM - The Morning Cruise Look-a-likes

52:01 LIVESTREAM - Tender Tennessee Christmas 

53:32 LIVESTREAM - Nailed It! 

1:00:13 LIVESTREAM - Sibling Rivalry Game 

1:06:04 LIVESTREAM - Wrapping It Up 


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