The Morning Cruise Replay - Are You Ready?

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

We spent the morning getting you ready for all sorts of things. 

And while it may be too late to watch last week's Bible Study from Paige Brown, we shared a couple of clips from that teaching, in time to get you ready for tomorrow's Bible Study. 

And right after that, Bill wasn't ready to go on the air, so Carmen picked up the slack until Bill showed back up and told us to get ready for 6 more weeks of winter. 

Tomorrow, we will have a very special episode of The Morning Cruise as  CAIN will be joining us. And we're getting ready still trying to pick out the right outfits.  

If you are "in the valley" this morning, Bill has some encouraging words to get you ready for the day ahead. 

Carmen is giddy as she got an invitation yesterday to a seat at the Super Bowl this weekend! 

And while most of us won't be going to the game, we'll be getting ready with Super Bowl snacks and one lucky winner will be prepping with the help of a new charcuterie board and book. 

00:33 Paige Brown - David's Repentance 

06:26 Significance of the Promise 

09:14 Missing Bill & Groundhog Day 

11:46 Cain tomorrow - outfits

16:02 Babel and the bottom 

20:28 Dave and Prayer Line 

23:58 Carmen is Super Bowl bound 

30:00 Player needed for 7 Things game 

31:13 7 Things Game - Super Bowl Snacks 

33:58 Cain TOMORROW! 

37:21 Bill's BIG Word


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