The Morning Cruise Replay - Lessons Learned

Monday, February 01, 2021


 We learned a lot on today's show. 

Bill got us started with some reactions to last week's conversation with Grady and Abbey, and then we heard about the things Bill and Carmen did over the weekend. 

If you've missed Dave, it's because he is out dealing with COVID, so please keep him in your prayers. 

One of the things Carmen did over the weekend was listen to Tauren Wells' podcast, The High Note, and we shared a couple of clips from the latest episode as well as some quotables from our previous visits with him. 

As February is Black History month, Bill schooled us on a few famous folks. 

Carmen shared what a Social Media-less Saturday has been  like in 2021 so far. 

Bill got us salivating with pictures of charcuterie and his over the top description of his fish food feast. 

And before he wrapped the show with his BIG Word, he gave us a word on Why God Delays. 


00:33 Grady & Abbey/ Weekend happenings 

04:10 Dave's out with COVID 

07:13 Tauren's Podcast clip on Baggage 

12:15 Tauren's Podcast clip on Known 

13:53 Tauren Wells: Worry Is The Darkroom... 

15:51 Tauren Wells: Identity, Calling, Assignment 

17:24 Pray For Dave 

19:02 Black History 

24:31 Halle Berry and Hattie McDaniel 

25:33 Social Media-less Saturdays 

32:32 Texter taking Social Media Fast 

36:49 Charcuterie 

39:52 Why God Delays 

43:52 Bill's BIG Word 

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