The Morning Cruise Replay - Can You Relate?

Friday, January 29, 2021

If you've struggled with health and nutrition, you can probably relate to Carmen's own health journey which she featured in her latest podcast episode with Amanda Tress of FASTer Way To Fat Loss, and Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Alex. Take a listen to Dr. Alex's take on Carmen's health and then sign up for The JOY FM Round with FASTer Way To Fat Loss that starts on Monday! 

If you've ever questioned your faith and looked into the perspective of Progressive Christianity, Bill and Carmen shared some insight from Alisa Childers book, Another Gospel?. 

And with Dave out today, Bill and Carmen called upon the only other people that can truly relate to them - their own children. Bill's son, Grady, and Carmen's daughter, Abbey shared their GenZlinneal perspectives on life as they navigate adulthood with a strong theological background. 


00:33 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Carmen's Health Journey with Amanda and Alex 

03:45 Where to find the podcast and info on The JOY FM Round 

04:49 Insight from Alisa Childers book, Another Gospel? 

08:39 Quote from the book 

12:34 The GenZlinneals join The Morning Cruise 

15:40 Grady's Worship Leading Experience 

19:45 YoungLife

24:36 FASTer Way To Fat Loss JOY FM Round starts Monday! 

27:04 Differences between the generations 

31:00 Abbey's post-college perspective 

35:45 Bill hands the reins over 

36:20 Abbey and Grady talk coffee 

40:03 Bible Verses and a lesson learned from a friend 

45:08 Bill's BIG Word 

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