The Morning Cruise Replay - A Cart-Filled Show

Thursday, January 28, 2021

If you were to go shopping this morning, your cart would be full with all the items we talked about. 

Carmen got a new shirt off of Amazon that has been in her cart for awhile. And she's not alone, we heard from several folks with some interesting items still in their online cart. 

Haley introduced us to chaffles and told us about her mini waffle maker as well as M Salt for seasoning. 

We are days away from the start of The JOY FM Round with FASTer Way To Fat Loss, a program that has helped Carmen tremendously in her health journey. And you can add the program to your cart with a promo code offering $50 off! 

If fear has your "cart" feeling heavy, Bill reminded us that God says to not fear about the future. Carmen shared that sentiment with a story about a mission trip to Honduras. 

And before we checked out for the day, Bill, of course, finished out the show with his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 Carmen's shirt from Amazon

03:42 What's In Your Cart? 

06:40 Text responses

09:41Cain coming next Wednesday 

12:23 Haley tells us about Chaffles 

17:15 M Salt 

19:04 The JOY FM Prayer Center 

21:46 OFF-AIR with Carmen: The impact of Amanda and Dr. Alex 

26:11 Where to find the podcast

27:08 The God of the Future says "don't fear" 

30:43 You Gotta Walk Through It 

35:55 What We Talked About Today 

38:59 Bill's BIG Word 




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