The Morning Cruise Replay - In Need Of A Kickstart

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dave got us started with a timehop story from 12 years ago, which kickstarted Bill's brain to talk about a bunker for sale and how the God of the Future says don't fear. 

Yesterday, we had a very successful morning of Sticker Stops with more than 300 vehicles now displaying a JOY FM decal. 

The first episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen in 2021 is out today with a conversation with Amanda Tress of FASTer Way To Fat Loss and Dr. Alex, a functional medicine specialist.

Dave told Bill about a kickstarter campaign for one of his favorite authors. Bill was so excited that he has already contributed. 

When Carmen got started with Amanda Tress of FASTer Way, she was introduced to Dr. Alex who kickstarted her journey into functional medicine. Dr. Alex took some time on their podcast episode to explain what functional medicine is. 

If you want to kickstart your health, join us for for a FASTer Way To Fat Loss Round starting February 1st. 

One lucky winner in Atlanta got a nice kickstart to 2021 as her wedding was fully paid for and funded by several wedding vendors. 

If you're considering a divorce, Bill gave us a great read to re-consider and help kickstart the relationship into a positive direction. 

Dave put a wrinkle into the plans for FASTer Way To Fat Loss with news that Girl Scout Cookie Season has started. 

Hank Aaron's life is being celebrated today as his efforts on the baseball diamond helped to kickstart conversations on racism in America. 

And despite Dave's mention of Girl Scout cookies, we are noticing a few healthier snack options around the office in anticipation of FASTer Way To Fat Loss starting soon. 

00:32 Here Fishy Fishy 

02:48 The God of the Future says don't fear 

06:16 Sticker Stops Thank You 

08:13 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Episode 21 out today! 

10:12 Tolkien House Kickstarter 

15:14 Bill gets in the Red Book of Funders

17:00 OFF-AIR with Carmen clip: What is Functional Medicine? 

22:14 JOY FM Round and Podcast Info 

25:20 Weddings and Atlanta Winner 

30:15 Don't Get A Divorce 

34:08 Girl Scout Cookies 

38:54 Hank Aaron Memorial 

40:15 Healthier snacks 

44:28 Bill's BIG Word 

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