The Morning Cruise Replay - Keyed Up

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

As staffers were in the building early to grab the keys to the station vehicles and head out to our sticker stops, we are keyed up about all sorts of things. 

Carmen got The Morning Cruise started reminding us who has the keys. 

While the Buccaneers bandwagon is headed to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for the Super Bowl in 2 weeks, Carmen and Haley are pretty sure their superstitions were key to the Bucs win over the Packers. 

We rely pretty heavily on coffee to get us keyed up each and every morning, but there's a new offering from Coke that has us even more excited to try. 

Carmen had a dream last night that had her concerned and asked for help to unlock the meaning behind it. One caller thinks that her dream was prompted by watching TV. 

Today is also the 1-year anniversary of the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, along with the others that passed in the helicopter accident. We took some time to remember the man that was key to the success of the Los Angeles Lakers throughout his career. 

Dave took an even farther look back in time with his Timehop app but, like Bill can't remember where he puts his keys, Dave couldn't remember this particular memory. 

And as we wrapped up a successful morning out and about for our sticker stops, Bill took some time to say thank you for being the key members of our JOY FM family.  

00:33 You Have The Keys 

04:28 Carmen and Haley's Superstitious Football Watching 

07:36 Coffee-Cokes 

11:15 Carmen's Hair Loss Dream 

15:43 Dreaming about Jon Gruden 

18:17 Anniversary of Kobe Bryant's death 

20:18 Timehop - Here Fishy Fishy 

22:41 Thanks for coming by the sticker stops 

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