The Morning Cruise Replay - At One Time Or Another

Friday, January 22, 2021

As we come to the end of the week, Carmen is looking forward to Sunday and playoff football...but she may be more excited to prep her charcuterie board. 

Dave's reminiscing back to his time as a youth thanks to the comeback of a couple of shows, Name That Tune and The Muppet Show. 

Next week, the next episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen will debut and now you can listen on to it on your smart speaker, much to the surprise of Carmen! 

Today is a special day in Martin Manor, as Bill's youngest son turns 18! And as Bill shared some perspective on the occassion, Carmen was feeling it as she shared a few scary thoughts she had as a parent last night. 

Carmen also spent some time reflecting on the Book of Genesis and the story of Joseph, particularly when he blesses the younger son. As we wrapped that conversation, Dave shared a new song from Jeremy Camp that feels right for these times. 

And in these difficult times, fault-finding has become an addiction. Carmen gave some insight from Nashville pastor, Scott Sauls for us to chew on. 

Gone are the days of longer songs. But how short could they be? 

Bill suggested that phone storage could have something to do with the length of songs, especially since so many people don't delete things off their phones, for the sake of memories. And many people chimed in to tell us some of the memories they have saved on their phone that they are not ready to delete. 

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 26th from 8-10 am, as we will be out and about with JOY FM decals and magnets along with your chance to win a $150 gas card at EACH location. 

For his BIG Word of the Day, Bill chose a word that took on a different meaning back in the day thanks to one of his favorite authors. 


00:32 Football Charcuterie Boards 

04:00 A few options 

06:18 Muppet Show Comeback 

09:55 Smart Speakers 

12:41 Perspectives on Payton turning 18 

17:48 Parental Fears and Faith 

23:51 Joseph blesses younger son 

30:06 Rehab for the fault-finding addicts 

35:07 Shorter songs trending 

38:57 Storing stuff on your phone 

43:49 Digital memories 

46:44 Sticker Stops 

50:06 Bill's BIG Word 

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