The Morning Cruise Replay - Reap The Rewards

Thursday, January 21, 2021


Dave got us started this morning with a treat from We The Kingdom in the form of a new song. 

Next Tuesday, we'll be out and about giving JOY FM stickers out, and their could be a great reward in it for you. 

Carmen is still celebrating Alabama's win in the NCAA Championship Football game, and she's doing it in style with a new hat. 

Speaking of commemorative things, Dave's got many t-shirts that his wife is after him to "edit". 

Bill went to the University of Georgia and shared a study from their researchers on the benefits to your work life when you are focused on your family. 

Carmen expanded on that to share how rewarding her family time has been as they all went for a walk the other night. 

When Dave came home from work the other day, he was rewarded with a visit from his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, and he shared a sweet moment with her. 

Carmen shared from an Instagram account, @everydollar, on 10 Cheap Ways To Reward Yourself. 

Dave encouraged everyone to take advantage of an opportunity from Chick-fil-A being offered for a limited time - an afternoon treat in the form of a brownie using their app. Bill told us how he's been using the app for rewards points. 

As a kid, Bill was rewarded with a cookie for memorizing Bible verses. One of those verses that has stuck with him is Psalm 23. 

And, as always, Bill rewarded us with his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:32 We The Kingdom's New song 

02:12 Sticker Stops 

04:33 Carmen's championship hat 

06:58 Dave "editing" his t-shirts 

09:24 UGA Family Work Study 

12:16 Going For A Family Walk 

15:58 Emmie The Puppy Dog 

18:52 Sticker Stop Locations 

20:54 Ways To Reward Yourself Part 1

25:04 Ways To Reward Yourself Part 2 

27:32 Chick-fil-A Brownie and App 

30:01 Psalm 23 

32:21 Bill's BIG Word 



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