The Morning Cruise Replay - Under No Illusions

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Carmen went to the dentist yesterday and just as the anesthesia was setting in, she thought she was having an "optical illusion" in her words. Dave quickly corrected her. 

Bill can clearly see now that his son, who recently started learning chess, is a better player than he is. 

Dave introduced us to some new music, but we had to guess who the artist was. Once we figured out the artist, he gave us a look behind the curtain on the making of the song by the band. 

Progressive Christianity is a viewpoint that has challenged many people's thoughts on historical theology. Carmen shared from Alisa Childers book as she uncovers some biblical truths for us. 

Dave's eyes glazed over when he saw a new offering from a donut shop in Disney Springs. But Carmen, a FASTer Way To Fat Loss follower, is looking ahead to February as we get ready for The JOY FM round. 

Bill, a Feng Shui practitioner that avoids the pantheistic views, is more about the looks that Feng Shui provides in a space even if it messes with his wife's plants. 

Looking ahead to next week, we'll be out and about to provide you with a way to share your favorite radio station. 

00:32 Carmen's Dental Optical Illusion 

05:03 Tactile Illusions 

06:59 Chess in Martin Manor 

10:46 Chess in Martin Manor Part II 

12:33 New music from guess who... 

14:24 Story behind the song by We The Kingdom 

18:12 Textual Criticism 

27:30 Resources 

29:48 Everglazed Donuts 

33:40 FASTer Way Round coming! 

37:15 Feng Shui tips 

43:39 Sticker Stops 

45:20 Bill's BIG Word 


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