The Morning Cruise Replay - You Name It!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Just as yesterday had a variety of topics on the show, today was an opportunity to continue the trend. In other words, you name it, we talked about it. 

Carmen has committed to making her Saturdays in 2021 a social media-less environment. She got the idea after reading John Mark Comer's Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. 

You've heard the name Paige Brown a few times on the show. And for good reason as she had some solid teachings on sin. 

While Carmen is getting away from social media, Dave has a complaint when it comes to Facebook. 

Carmen had a chat with the Lord about a missing podcast during her prayertime. He answered that prayer yesterday! And she wasn't alone with her answered prayer. We heard from many of you with similar stories. 

Dave told us about some cat anti-allergy foods while Carmen and Haley were interested in the names of nail colors. With all this name talk, Bill shared a few odd names we've come up with for our pets. 

When it comes to resources for the Gospel, we've got you covered with some help from a few names. 

Dave's wife, Emilie, made some split pea soup that had him raving and Bill was a big fan of his wife's V8 chili. 


00:33 Social Media-less Saturdays

05:07 The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry 

05:40 Paige Brown on SIN

09:27 Facebook Time Wasters 

14:18 Podcast found! 

21:49 Prayer for little things - text 

22:46 More found things from prayers 

25:27 Cat anti-allergy foods

28:31 Haley & Carmen talk nail colors 

31:56 Strange Pet Names 

34:01 Resourcing you with the Gospel 

39:09 Split Pea Soup 

43:10 Chili Recipes 

44:15 Bill's BIG Word 

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