The Morning Cruise Replay - A Variety Show

Monday, January 18, 2021

On a holiday celebrating the life of a man who was a champion of diversity (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), our show today was full of variety. 

Variety in your diet is an important thing. But a large variety of diets in a lifetime is surprising. 

Carmen's weekend was full of NFL football playoffs and a Paige Brown Study. 

Bill gave some insights from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter From A Birmingham Jail". 

There are a variety of technological marvels from CES making the news and Dave told us about the new wellness toilet and a doorbell that will take your visitor's temp.

Carmen is in need of some dental work that will take a bite out of her wallet. 

We celebrated a few more notable birthdays, one of which is being offered as an option for Valentine's Day. 

Carmen's selection of nail dips just got a little more color to it as she purchased a new color with an odd name. 

After sharing from the Letter From A Birmingham Jail, we got wind of a video that features Martin Luther King, Jr. reading the letter. 

And if you need to add a little variety to your vocabulary, Bill's got you covered, even if insurance doesn't cover the BIG Word. 


00:33 126 Diets 

05:30 Football Over The Weekend 

08:55 NFL Playoffs 

13:51 Paige Brown Study 

18:08 MLK insights 

23:10 Jordan Feliz in concert

23:48 Toilet and Doorbell tech 

27:46 Tooth talk 

33:26 Birthdays and Roses 

36:56 Carmen's new nail color 

40:48 Video version of Letter from a Birmingham Jail 

41:39 Bill's BIG Word 

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