The Morning Cruise Replay - A Chit Chat with Besties

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Dave, Bill and Carmen truly are the best of friends. This morning, they shared with a few more friends as we debuted a new episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen and special guest, Natalie Grant. As well as sharing from Day 2 of Louie Giglio's Advent Devotional, Waiting Here For You. 

On this first day of December with a cold front coming through, Carmen celebrated by giving away a couple of shirts. 

Louie told us about the work God is doing while we wait. 

Natalie Grant gave us tips on reading the Bible and safeguarding technology for kids. 

Dave told us about a bad burglar and a weekend of programming coming to CMT that was of interest to Carmen. 

And Bill told us about some of the benefits of working from home as well as his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 New Years on the first of every month 

02:23 Christmas Shirt Giveaway 

05:39 A chit chat with Lisa 

08:15 A chit chat with Sharon 

09:23 Day 2 of Louie's Advent Devotional 

10:48 Prayer from Day 2

14:17 OFF-AIR Podcast: Natalie and Bible Reading 

19:23 Where to find the podcast 

21:36 JJ Abrams studio burgled

24:08 Dolly Parton on CMT 

28:56 Working At Home Stats 

34:24 OFF-AIR Podcast: Natalie and safeguarding technology 

37:26 Show Introductions 

41:06 Bill's BIG Word 

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