The Morning Cruise Replay - Tip The Scales

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020 has been a weighty year for sure and we are looking to tip the scales today on The Morning Cruise. 

Bill shared how he is being flooded with memories for 2 friends that recently passed away. And it reminded him of the power of storytelling as we prepare for a Thanksgiving meal with family. 

That led to him sharing a story about a time he tried to have Thanksgiving on a boat. 

Cranberry sauce is a side dish at Thanksgiving that you either love or hate. You'll love this recipe from Tammi that we shared around Friendsgiving week last year. If you're already looking at your Christmas meal, Dave told us about a favorite dish from the UK that the Queen of England recently shared on Instagram for Christmas pudding. 

And to go along with the Christmas pudding, how about a brand new Christmas song to go along with it! We shared new songs from Chris Tomlin and Brandon Heath. 

As we get closer to the end of 2020, Carmen shared from Louie Giglio's sermon, asking "Is This The End?" But this Sunday is the start of Advent and we'll be sharing from Louie's Advent Devotional, "Waiting Here For You". 

Bill found 5 things to be thankful for in the hard of 2020 and Dave shared a few things he's thankful for as well. 

And then Dave shared how some people are thankful that a few people haven't passed away despite reports from media outlets stating otherwise. 

Carmen is leaning towards getting a new scale, but the price is heavy for a scale even though the features are impressive. 

That led to the text line getting filled with responses that weighed in on the topic. 

00:33 The Power of Storytelling 

04:07 Thanksgiving Boat Story 

09:49 Cranberry Sauce 

14:40 Queen's Christmas Pudding 

18:53 New Christmas song from Tomlin 

19:47 New Christmas song from Brandon Heath 

20:44 Your Christmas Music Station starting Friday! 

21:38 Is This The End? Sermon from Louie Giglio 

29:58 2020 edition of Waiting Here For You Advent Devotional 

30:55 Thankful in the Hard of 2020 (Bill's list) 

36:01 Thankful in the Hard of 2020 (Dave's list) 

40:16 Obituaries published too early 

42:08 BMI Smart Scales 

47:57 Listener comments on the smart scale




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