The Morning Cruise Replay - Why Do You Give?

Monday, November 16, 2020

As we finally prepare for Sharathon 2020, Bill posed the question to you, asking why you give to The JOY FM. And you respones were amazing. 

Carmen started us off this morning with some news about her brother-in-law. 

After that, Bill posed the question and we shared your responses throughout the morning. 

And not only did you share why you give to the Sharathon fundraiser, you gave last week for T-Shirts For Turkeys in record numbers! 

After Sharathon, we'll be prepping for Thanksgiving and Advent. Bill gave us a preview of Louie Giglio's Advent Devotional, Waiting Here For You. 

Dave's prep for Thanksgiving is a little different this year as his son wants to take over some of the cooking duties. And Bill is going in a direction that we aren't sure will work! 

00:33 Carmen's Brother-In-Law

04:48 Why Do You Give? 

07:04 texts and calls 

11:04 Sharathon and Carmen's Crewe 

15:56 Football, Golf and Space X 

19:41 Sharathon is for keeps 

22:37 Turkey Totals 

25:57 text from recipient 

28:57 More texts of Why You Give 

32:04 Call from teacher 

34:39 Psalm 46 Advent Devo Preview 

38:00 Tracy's call/Carmen's first blooper of Sharathon 2020 

41:07 Dave and Bill's Turkey cooking plans 

46:12 Your Time To Shine with Sharathon 

48:51 Bill's BIG Word 


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