The Morning Cruise Replay - In A Heartbeat

Thursday, November 12, 2020

T-Shirts For Turkeys is an annual event here at The JOY FM that we feel really gives you an idea of the heartbeat of the ministry that we have. But yesterday, our hearts skipped a beat as we had to make the decision to postpone a few of the stops as Hurricane Eta made its way towards much of our Florida listening area. 

As we gave you an update on the path of Eta and our re-scheduled turkey stops, Bill kept us offbeat with a few wacky holidays in November. 

Carmen took awhile to get in this morning as Eta continued to rain down on her drive south to work. 

Once she got settled in, she shared from an Instagram post by author, Sharon Miller, on the 4 Signs You Are Hardening Your Heart. 

If you're heart is hurting from all the political fighting, Bill encourages you to listen to his Biblical Look At Government episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen. 

And for a heart-healthy, 2-ingredient pizza crust, Bill tossed that one into the show for you. 

Finally, you could say our hearts were "regulated" with his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 Storm Info and Turkey Stops 

03:11 Offbeat Holidays in November 

07:03 Carmen finally makes it in

10:28 4 Signs You Are Hardening Your Heart 

15:06 Bill checks his own heart 

16:37 A Biblical Look At Government 

19:55 2-ingredient Pizza Crust 

23:18 Bill's BIG Word 



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