The Morning Cruise Replay - Checks and Balances

Friday, November 06, 2020

Next week, we'll be helping you find JOY with our T-shirts for Turkeys event. When you bring a frozen turkey or paper turkey (cash, CHECK, or gift card), you'll get a brand new JOY FM T-shirt. 

As we told you about that, it had Carmen wondering about writing checks these days. 

To our surprise, the balance sheet for the Tupperware folks has been in the positive during the pandemic. 

In these uncertain times, finding a balance with our emotions can be a difficult thing. Bill shared an article that reminded us to breathe in the happiness of heaven. 

The pandemic has also led to some changes in the ski industry that Dave told us about. That led to a story from Bill about the time he went skiing with his wife and some friends. They had a hard time keeping their balance on the slopes, but managed to find their footing in their relationship. 

The scales might tip in the wrong direction if you eat too many of the 2-ingredient pumpkin muffins we've told you about. 

But your wallet will feel healthier for Thanksgiving if you take advantage of an offer from iBotta and Walmart.

As we close out a crazy week, we're looking forward to T-shirts For Turkeys next week and finding balance in our weekends. 

00:33 T-shirts For Turkeys Next Week 

03:09 Checks and Landlines 

06:20 Calling Carmen's old phone number 

06:54 Certainty and Uncertainty 

09:55 Tupperware Sales Up 

14:48 Breathe in the Happiness of Heaven 

19:40 Handles 

22:12 Ski industry changes 

26:45 Bill's skiing story 

30:31 2-ingredient pumpkin muffins 

32:36 iBotta Thanksgiving offer 

34:30 T-shirts for Turkeys next week 

37:46 Get away this weekend 

40:04 Bill's BIG Word 


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