The Morning Cruise Replay - Stick With It

Monday, September 14, 2020

As a JOY FM family, we stick together. 

Dave's hoping a few people are able to convince the powers that be to stick with the time rather thank changing the clocks back again. 

Bill's fitness routine has been stuck lately so he decided to throw in a little at-home Zumba session over the weekend. 

Tomorrow is a big day as we'll be out and about with our Sticker Stops to spread the word about your favorite radio station. 

Perhaps Dave's thoughts on the time change have something to do with the fact that he was out late celebrating his granddaughter's birthday. And if you don't want anything sticky getting on your birthday cake, Carmen's got a solution for you. 

Carmen also celebrated a birthday this weekend with a surprise party for our friend, and lifestyle contributor, Tammi. 

Bill reminded us about some prayer events coming up for the National Day of Prayer. 

Bandwagon fans may not be sticking around for the Buccaneers or Falcons after Week 1 of the NFL. 

And Carmen's in need of fashion advice on whether or not a trend with blue jeans will be sticking around. But she shouldn't ask Bill, who gets his fashion advice from JC Penney catalogs. 

00:32 Don't change the time

02:52 Bill's Zumba weekend 

06:02 Sticker Stop Tomorrow 

09:33 Emmie's 2nd Birthday Party 

13:17 Top It Cake Shield 

17:37 Tammi's surprise party 

22:34 Prayer Events 

26:03 NFL Football Returns 

30:33 Carmen's in need of fashion advice 

35:34 Fashion Advice received 

38:13 Bill's Fashion Icon 

43:27 Bill's BIG Word - jejune

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