The Morning Cruise Replay - Look At The Time

Friday, September 11, 2020

On the 19th anniversary of September 11, 2001, we shared our timeline looking back at the events of that tragic day as they unfolded. ( You can find the timeline at 

After sharing that this morning, it was time to check in with our lifestyle contributor who has spending a lot of time on Tik Tok, making Pumpkin Ice Cream. And with the amount of time she's spending on there, she's still trying to keep up with the times and slang. 

Bill shared some big news that happened in the world of classical music with a piece of music that will take 639 years to complete. That piece is appropriately titled, "As Slow As Possible". 

And as Bill said, in times like these, prayer is an important thing to turn to and there are several prayer events coming up for the National Day of Prayer. 

As we look at the Book of Mark for our Reading The Gospels in September, Carmen jumped ahead to a verse from the upcoming weekend that struck a chord with her as Jesus "needed a minute". 

And before sharing the timeline once again this morning, we looked back at a highlight from earlier in the week when BIll issued his Believability Challenge to Dave and Carmen. 

00:32 Tammi's break from washing dishes 

03:22 Tammi's versions of Pumpkin Ice Cream

07:21 As Slow As Possible 

11:47 The Line of Despair 

15:17 Prayer Event 

18:28 Read The Gospels - Jesus Needed A Minute 

22:20 Carmen's Believability Challenge 

27:10 Dave's Believability Challenge 


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