The Morning Cruise Replay - Believe It Or Not

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Today we shared some believable things and some unbelievable things. See if you can tell the difference! 

Dave got us started with a real life story that is reminiscent of the fictional Willy Wonka as the founder of Jelly Bellies is giving away his candy factory in Florida. 

Then Bill issued his Believability Challenge to Dave and Carmen. He had Carmen telling us how she is a fan of Star Trek... (if only she didn't get it confused with Star Wars!) and Dave gave us all the details on the perfect scent for different Enneagram numbers. 

As we continue to read through the Gospels in September, today's reading focused on Matthew 25-27 which shapes our beliefs as Christians. 

Carmen shared an unbelievable statistic when it comes to media consumption. 

Although Dave's dad consumed Oatmeal Creme Pies daily, Dave doesn't believe a new cereal featuring the sweet treat will taste good. 

Carmen has held on to the belief that elevators are not great as she tends to get stuck in them. She shared the ups and downs of her latest elevator trip with us. 

Dave followed that up with the unbelievable story of a piece of technology that led to one man's house burning down. 

And before his own eyes, Bill's kids are all grown up and in need of cars, which has caused a few predicaments. 

All in all, today's show was definitely, 'indelible'. 


00:33 Candy Factory Contest 

04:02 Bill issues the Believability Challenge 

08:46 Do you believe Carmen is a fan of Star Trek? 

14:03 Dave's Believability Challenge 

18:38 The Results 

20:58 Matthew 25-27

26:56 Media Consumption 

33:03 John Mark Comer excerpt 

35:27 Oatmeal Creme Pie Cereal 

39:03 Carmen's Elevator PTSD 

45:55 Electric Fly Swatter 

48:26 Bill's family car shuffle 

50:59 Bill's BIG Word 

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