The Morning Cruise Replay - Up To Speed

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

After a long holiday weekend, we spent the morning catching you up to speed! 

Dave took a quick trip to Texas for some family celebrations. 

Bill suggested that instead of flying, Dave should have driven seeing how speeding on the roadways has increased across the country because of the pandemic. 

Since the first of the month, we've had our foot on the gas, reading through The Gospels in September. But it's not too late to catch up with the reading if you want to join in. 

And to help, Bill has been the driving force behind some additional insight on the reading thanks to his teaching videos on Instagram. 

Dave's trip to Texas was smooth for the most part, with the exception of a few bumps, courtesy of the rental car. 

Carmen went for a walk this weekend that had her running for cover because of a fast moving thunderstorm. 

Bill also spent some time catching up on The Chosen thanks to some additional content on their app. 

Bill and Dave walked us through a couple of stories on the good in humanity from the sport of running. 

And if you've been seeing a few extra pounds on the scale due to pandemic, Carmen shared some tactics to help speed up the weight loss. 


00:33 Andi Kate's First Birthday Party 

03:02 Speeding through the pandemic 

05:40 Start Reading The Gospels Today

10:02 Bill's Instagram Teaching Videos 

14:43 Dave's Rental Car Debacle 

21:59 Carmen gets caught in the rain

26:50 The Chosen app 

31:27 Runner helps his competitor 

34:36 Another Runner Gives Up Victory 

36:41 Tactics 1-5 to help lose weight 

40:53 Tactics 6-10 to help lose weight 

43:57 Bill's BIG Word 


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