The Morning Cruise Replay - Delivering Big Words and Big Ideas

Friday, September 04, 2020

Bill's BIG Word of the Day is a staple of The Morning Cruise. But lately, it's gotten a little "stale", shall we say... So Carmen took it upon herself to challenge Bill and he took the opportunity to deliver not only on some big words but we discussed big ideas as well this morning. 

We first got an idea of what it is like inside Jayar's head and behind the scenes of his show as he discussed his new podcast and how he approaches interviews. 

Then Dave delivered some news about new delivery options from Amazon. And he got a delivery recently that we've all been anticipating. 

After covering all things hat related, Carmen took issue with Bill about his lack of big words lately. So she went and found a list of words for Bill to tell us about. 

Carmen's devotion this morning had a big idea about a practice we should all be doing. 

Dave shared a story about his youngest son showing signs of maturity with a package he had recently recieved. 

And BIll delived his first truly "BIG" word of the day in a long time. 


00:33 Jayar's new podcast 

04:11 Jayar's approach to interviews

08:17 Amazon's online store and drones 

12:57 Dave's new hat 

15:09 Carmen talks hats 

19:07 Matthew 11:28-30 

22:12 Carmen's issue with Bill's BIG Words 

25:26 Carmen's list of BIG Words 

28:49 Carmen's devotional thought 

34:42 Daniel is growing up 

37:09 BIll's BIG Word - discommodious


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