Doing the Unthinkable

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Doing the Unthinkable

When an unimaginable tragedy happened to Scott Rigsby, he faced two choices: give up or do the unthinkable.

jules and scottIt was a hot summer morning and Scott Rigsby woke up to face it like he did every other day. He went to work at his job as a landscaper, a position he took after his recent high school graduation to earn him a little extra money to take with him when he went off to college in the fall. He had no idea that day, which had started out so incredibly ordinary, would be the last ordinary day of his life. Unbeknownst to him, his reality was about to change forever.

Scott and a couple of his coworkers were riding in the back of a pick up truck, headed to the next landscaping job, when, in a split second, they were in a horrible accident which ultimately left Scott as a double amputee of both his legs below the knees.

In my time with Scott, he details the events of his accident, the dark days trying to come to terms with how his life was going to change forever, and ultimately God's plan and purpose for how Scott could use his experience to do something unthinkable - to be the first double amputee to complete the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon - and help other amputees reconcile their circumstance and overcome, all to the glory of God.

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