He Needed To See Proof

Thursday, January 07, 2021

He Needed To See Proof

Don Nelson grew up Christian, but strayed due to a lack of evidence. He found it in a very unique place.

jules and donThese days, Don Nelson has what in anyones mind would be a nice life. A satisfying career as a college professor at the University of Georgia, a lovely wife, two kids and a comfortable home. He's done well for himself. So when he's teaching a class called Breaking The Cycle, a course on life skills for people experiencing homelessness, no one really believes him when he tells them "I understand, because I have been where you are."

In this episode of The Jules Show, Don unwraps his story of growing up in a Christian home, going to a very traditional church. It left him feeling numb, ritual but no relationship. To Don, it didn't seem like the people around him bore evidence of being filled with the spirit. So while he had a logical, knowledgeable belief in Jesus, he had no real relationship. During his teen years and in his twenties, Don took some wrong turns with drugs and alcohol, leaving him essentially homeless. Amazingly enough, he managed to muddle his way through graduate school and was even able to secure a teaching position.

Fast forward a few years, when he's finally enjoying success as a college professor.  As you might guess, Don is a very logical and reasoned individual. Finding an emotional connection to Christ wasn't easy for him. Additionally, he desired to see evidence of how faith really played out in other believers lives. Without realizing it at the time, he was searching for a spirit filled and spirit led church. In our interview, he shares with me how he found one in a most unlikely place at a most interesting time in hi life.

You can reach out to Don at https://www.heclab.org/

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