Really God? No! THAT'S CRAZY!!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Really God? No! THAT'S CRAZY!!

Mary Mangum said, " THAT'S CRAZY!" many times along the way to being a missionary in a country hostile to Christians.

jules and Mary"God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called," is something I'm pretty sure everyone who serves in ministry has said at some point. Mary Mangum, my guest for this episode of The Jules Show podcast, would certainly say that's true. She and her husband were rearing their family in the perfect suburban life when they felt the call to be missionaries.

But let me back up, because Mary's story is really not so much about being a missionary in a country hostile to Christians. It's really a much bigger story, about the act of learning to be quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit to discern what God has planned for our lives.

I hope you enjoy hearing Mary's story as much as I did. Mary and her family were not afraid to get out of their comfortable lives and take off for service in a country unfriendly to Christians because they knew it was God's plan and He had their backs. Mary's example reminds me that our faith is stretched the most when we are willing (to let God make us uncomfortable?) to be uncomfortable.

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