A Little Laughter During Lockdown

Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Little Laughter During Lockdown

Pandemics aren't funny, but comedian Elaine Brantley shares how we can find the humor even in hard times.

jules and elaineSouthern women often say laughter through tears is one of our favorite emotions, and comedian Elaine Brantley can certainly testify to the truth in that old saying.

In this episode of The Jules Show podcast, Elaine shares how she took the funny parts of what she learned being a preacher's wife and turned it into a comedy routine, which she performs as her alter ego, "Maxi, the Preacher's Wife." She has brought laughter to church groups, women's conferences and military bases across the South for over two decades. But something happened in her life that caused her to lose her sense of humor. So she put away the costume she'd wear as Maxi and took some time off to heal, to be still, and to wait for God to reveal what His new plans for her were.

Elaine ends up getting her groove back, but in a most unlikely way, and yes, you have to listen to the podcast to learn the whole crazy story!

With all that's been going on in our world these past few months, it was a great joy to chat with someone who could bring a little humor into life and share how God was able to revive her creativity at a time when folks need it most. But more than just being funny, Elaine's is a story of how, if you just trust Him, God will amaze you beyond your wildest dreams.


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