Pastors Don't Just Work One Day A Week

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Pastors Don't Just Work One Day A Week

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, Author and pastor Bill Westafer sheds light on how we can ease the burden of those serving us spiritually.

jules and bill wEvery pastor has heard that old joke about how they only work one day a week. And that's only a joke to the folks saying it. Little tip: pastor's don't think that line is funny. At all. If you have a good relationship with our pastor, you probably know that preaching a sermon on Sunday is just a small part of their responsibilities. They're on call virtually 24/7. Researches have done studies and determined being a pastor is one of the top five most stressful jobs in America. So, for Pastor Appreciation Month, I sat down with a man who knows a little about the subject, to get some details on how we as the body can better love on our pastors.

Bill Westafer has been a pastor for years, and he drew on his personal experience and interviews with lots of pastors from all denominational backgrounds, to write a sort of "how to" book on helping pastors deal with stress. In his new book, "Clergy Stress: Causes and Cures," Bill outlines the six major stressors for pastors, and numerous ways to help manage them and avoid burnout.

In my interview, Bill shares with us some of the heartbreaking stories of what some pastors have gone through, as well as some heartwarming stories of how congregations have loved on and given pastors the support they need to stay the course of their calling. Bill gives us some great counsel on how we can show our appreciation to our pastors this month, and every month.

Bill's book "Clergy Stress: Causes and Cures" is available on Amazon.
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