She Had An Epiphany

Thursday, December 12, 2019

She Had An Epiphany

Dara Buczynsky uses her merchandising talents to run a boutique, giving all profits to charity. 

jules and daraIf you've ever worked at or volunteered with a non-profit organization, you learn quickly that generating funds to run the charity is hard work, for what sometimes seems like little financial reward. That's certainly how Dara Buczynsky felt. She worked for years, doing speaking engagements for various charitable organizations, but she became discouraged by what she felt was little money earned for the amount of time she was putting in.

She prayed about it for a while, and then one day, like He always does, God gave Dara an epiphany. She decided to open a boutique and give ALL her profits to charity. Take a guess what she named her store...Yep, Epiphany!

 But Dara is doing so much more than selling pretty things in an effort to give money to charities. She's sharing the Gospel, at every available opportunity, while she's doing it. I hope that after listening to my podcast interview with Dara, you'll be inspired to examine your life to discover the incredible, creative talents God gave YOU to help spread the Gospel.  Watch here. Listen below

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