Prayer For Schools

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Prayer For Schools

Moms In Prayer is a ministry dedicated to covering every school, everywhere, in prayer.

jules and candyWhen my kids were little and I was deep in the diapers and runny nose stage, I used to think "Just a few more years and they'll go to school and I can catch a break!" Fast forward a few years and woohoo... they started school! But the peace I thought I was going to find, sadly eluded me. The break I thought I was catching, turned immediately into worry. Are they going to be ok? Will they make friends? Will the teachers understand them? The stress of the unknown was even worse than all the maintenance and upkeep!

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Parents everywhere, especially moms, can have as rough a time with school as their kiddos do.

Thankfully, there is a ministry with chapters all over Georgia - our whole country, actually - dedicated to helping anxious moms by covering our schools in prayer.

Candy Barnett, with Moms In Prayer, talked with me about how this ministry grew out of one mom's feeling she needed to cover her middle schooler in prayer. She joined with other like-minded moms to form a weekly prayer group. Today, thousands of moms meet weekly to pray for schools - the children, teachers, administrators and their families - in order to blanket them with God's love, peace and hope.

Go  "on-air" with Jules and watch the interview with Candy Barnett.

To learn more about Moms In Prayer, give a listen below to my full podcast interview with Candy Barnett.

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