The Hot Dog Club

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Hot Dog Club

Jesus tells us to go and make disciples, and for some people, that means being missionaries in far off land. But for one couple, that meant going outside their front door.

Jules and the DuncansJesus tells us in Matthew 28 to "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations...". This is called the Great Commission and it's probably the second most familiar scripture in the New Testament after, of course, John 3:16. But have you ever found yourself wondering what this means for you in your day-to-day life? Exactly how are we supposed to live this admonition out? After all, the apostles set a pretty high bar for service; and I can't help but feel, sometimes, I will never be able to meet their level of dedication.

Thankfully, the Bible also tells us we are all gifted differently; and we can serve the Kingdom in countless different ways. So for some folks, that means being a missionary in a country halfway around the world from home. But for others of us, it means serving right where we've always been. My friends, Shirley and David Duncan, are prime examples of serving right where you are. And for the Duncans, that doesn't mean serving in their town or in their church. It means serving, quite literally, in their own home.

Their story begins one hot afternoon in Middle Georgia. The Duncans live in a modest home in an average neighborhood in Macon, GA. David is handicapped, having lost both legs to complications from diabetes, so he is home most afternoons. On this particularly hot afternoon, a little neighborhood boy came by the house and asked David if he could have a cup of water. A lot of folks would have brushed the kid aside, but not David. He brought the boy a cup of water with crushed ice.

It was just a small gesture of kindness. But that simple cup of ice water turned into a snack a few days later, then into snacks for another kid a few days after that and pretty soon...well, you know what happens when you feed kids and cats! Now, less than a year later, the school bus stops in front of their house and deposits over 20 neighborhood kids into their care EVERY DAY for after school snacks. Yes, you read correctly - they feed snacks to over 20 kids EVERY DAY!

"Wow, that's great, but how is this a ministry, Jules?" I'm glad you asked! The Duncans have upped the ante. They are now serving a hot meal for supper on Friday nights, which they have affectionately dubbed, 'The Hot Dog Club'. However, they're not just providing a hot meal, they are also leading a Bible study for the kids and their families - many of whom have never heard the Gospel. It's like a Bible Block Party every week at their house. The Duncans also help these kids learn manners, respect for others, and the value of sharing and thinking of others. The kids are seeing up close and personal how virtual strangers are willing to show them kindness and love.

In my interview with Shirley and David, they share how the Lord placed it on their hearts to help these kids. Most of them come from single parent homes and virtually all of them are low income. David shared with me that this ministry should not even be possible since they are approaching retirement age and are on a fixed income themselves. They never know from week to week if they are going to have the resources to support The Hot Dog Club. But somehow, they always do. People and resources just show up, quite literally, like manna from heaven. Through the generosity of people all over Macon, the Duncans are able to share the love of Jesus with folks right outside their door.

Y'all have just GOT to listen to my interview with David and Shirley Duncan. They're an absolute hoot! Their lives have been an amazing adventure of service to God and such a fantastic example of how NOTHING is impossible when you step out in faith.

Shirley and David's story will inspire you, too. They are showing us that sometimes the scripture "love thy neighbor" means, quite literally, the person next door!

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