The Ministry Of PB&J Sandwiches

Thursday, August 09, 2018

The Ministry Of PB&J Sandwiches

Can a PB&J sandwich be ministry? Listen to the latest episode of The Jules Show Podcast to find out. (Hint: Yes, it can.)

Katherine Glover & JulesSo, who doesn't love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Everybody's mama made them when we were kids. They sustained us in college when our money got tight and even now, when I'm looking for a quick bite, I'll fix myself one, pour a glass of milk and remember those times when life was simpler. 

You're thinking, where ya going with this Jules? I'm glad you asked! Peanut butter sandwiches have a lot to do with sharing the gospel. At least in downtown Athens, Georgia.  

I had a great time talking with a UGA student named Katherine Glover, a volunteer with Athens PBJ's, a nonprofit organization, managed completely by student volunteers. Their sole purpose is to share a sandwich and the love of Christ with those in our area experiencing homelessness.  

Katherine shared with me the story of the nonprofits founding by UGA students who wanted to do something to help those on the street. But they wanted to offer more than just food. They wanted to get to know the people, develop friendships and hopefully, share the gospel. It didn't take long before other students and local churches wanted to help.  

Sometimes, problems in our society, like homelessness, seem too overwhelming for us to tackle on our own - so we just don't do anything. Katherine Glover showed me how a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a heart willing to listen can make a huge difference. 

To learn more about Katherine's story and the ministry of Athens PBJ's, please listen to my podcast interview with her.  

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