Abortion: A Story Of Redemption

Monday, July 16, 2018

Miriam NelsonLet's face it, if we're really honest, most of us have done something in our past which we now regret. And while we know in our minds God forgave us of our sins when we accepted Jesus Christ as our savior, so often times, believing it in our hearts is not so easy. 

Miriam Nelson is a woman who knows a great deal about God's redemptive grace. As the director of the Athens Pregnancy Center, Miriam shared with me her personal journey of seeking God's forgiveness after having an abortion when she was 17 years old. Miriam regularly shares her testimony with clients at APC as well as with churches and other organizations, and one of the main take aways I learned from my interview with her was that whatever mistakes we have made, God forgives us and wants us to use our brokenness for His glory. Miriam has been able to share her story of regret and pain and ultimately redemption, with countless women who find themselves believing the lie that having an abortion is a decision they will not regret.  

Miriam's regret was abortion, but her story of redemption is one from which we all can learn. She surrendered the guilt and shame, and taught me that nothing we do is too big for God to forgive. But we have to choose to LET Him. And then, we need to use our experience to help others. 

Abortion: A Story Of Redemption

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