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Rediscovering Faith after trauma

I became a Christian when I was 7. Reared in a Christian home, my father was the church music director and my mother played the piano. We literally were at church every time the doors were open.

Fast forward to college. I drifted away from church. For me it wasn't a rebellion thing, it was a time thing. I was working full-time and taking a full class load, so I decided I needed to sleep in on Sundays. It wasn’t a conscious decision to back away from God. I went to church ON Mother's Day and Father's Day and I helped my dad with choir programs at Easter and Christmas, but I wasn't plugged in. Slowly the enemy convinced me I didn’t need to be at church. I really wasn’t aware of what was happening.

However, on September 6, 2003, my life dramatically changed when the car I was driving hit a utility pole head-on at 55 mph. My car was totaled. I suffered a concussion, fractured wrist, swollen eyes, torn muscles, bent cartilage in my rib cage, and whiplash. Strangely, I was able to hide my worst injury from everyone. For months I suffered with Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder - crying uncontrollably whenever I was alone. I would have flashbacks from my car wreck. After about 9 months of misery, I decided something had to change. I needed positivity in my life. I started by turning on the Joy FM and began to connect to God again. I would sing along in my car, weeping with brokenness and gratitude. I heard encouragement. I heard forgiveness. I heard that I am not alone. It made me want more. More forgiveness, more gratitude, more worship, more joy, more of the Holy Spirit. So, one Sunday I got up and went back to church. I felt awkward and a little bit out of place. Here I was crawling back to God after being away for so long. Would God welcome me back? He did.

I began sensing the Holy Spirit like I never had before. The flashbacks were no longer a part of my daily routine and quietly faded into the background. I had quietly turned to God when no one else could help and no one else could hear my cries full of anguish. And He turned to me. We are so not worthy!

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