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A Journey to Forgiveness

Maybe this year is the year that you start your journey to forgive the unforgivable. For me, it started years ago when our niece agreed to watch Corey James while Butch and I attended a wedding. Somehow, he found a pair of scissors and while she was putting them away, he disappeared. She discovered him dead floating in the pool. We later learned that the ladder to the pool had been pulled down by a neighbor’s child who forgot to fold the ladder back up. We knew we had to forgive this child. As it was, our niece was plagued with depression for the rest of her life. To honor Corey James, she named her oldest son Corey.

Corey Edwards had just turned 21 when I received a phone call from our daughters who were working the night shift in the ER. Corey had been out celebrating his birthday with a friend who was now in the ER unconscious and critically injured from a car accident. Corey was identified as the deceased passenger. Corey’s friend never regained consciousness and also died. The car that had caused the accident was driven by a young man, Joe, who survived but sustained a collapsed lung. He was hospitalized for several weeks and during that time he was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, DWI, and reckless operation.

Over time, Joe’s mom and Corey’s mom bonded as only two mothers sharing the pain of loss can. Having been in a similar position many years earlier, I was overtaken with a sense of forgiveness for Joe. I have no explanation other than the Holy Spirit was truly working through me. Eventually, our entire family concluded that he deserved the same forgiveness and mercy that we are all given through God’s grace. We are still facing the trial. There is the potential that Joe could spend the next 60 years in prison which is what the other victim’s family is seeking. He will likely serve some time in jail, but I believe there is hope even in that.

I miss both my Coreys every day, but I am secure in the fact that they are with our Lord and Savior and saving a place for us at the table!

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