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Elementary Principal

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Location:Augusta, GA (Richmond County)
Company:Curtis Baptist School
1326 Broad Street
Augusta, GA 30901

PRIMARY FUNCTION: The elementary school Principal provides supervision and educational leadership for grades K5-5th grade. He/She works under the supervision of the Head of School to fulfill the mission and purpose of the school as specified by the policies and philosophy of the school board.

SPIRITUAL QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Be a born-again Christian who has experienced New Testament baptism. 2. Be someone who shows evidence of sound Biblical doctrine in their living. 3. Be a person of outstanding Christian character and witness. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Hold a Master's Degree that’s applicable to the job description 2. Meet the Elementary School Principal certification qualifications for ACSI. 3. Have at least three years of teaching experience and two years of administrative experience, some of which must be in a Christian school. 4. Have a sound understanding of the elementary school education programs. 5. Have a sound philosophy of Christian education. 6. Possess the ability to work with people successfully. He/She shall be able to conciliate and mediate when and where misunderstandings and differences arise. 7. Have a broad understanding of the nature of society. 8. Have a thorough understanding of the nature of the children and young people. 9. Have a thorough understanding of the teaching-learning process. 10. Possess the ability to recognize and develop good teaching skills. 11. Have a thorough background in curriculum content and development. 12. Have a knowledge and appreciation of the guidance function. 13. Have the ability to evaluate teaching and non-teaching personnel. 14. Have knowledge of principles and techniques of business administration. 15. Have knowledge of the dynamics of a Church-Christian school relationship.

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