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Posted:March 8, 2023 (posted 83 days ago)View All Jobs
Industry:Construction/Home Services
Location:Fayetteville, GA (Fayette County)
Company:Arango Insulation Inc
145 N 85th Pkwy Suite B
Fayetteville, GA 30214

For this position we are looking for someone that has experience in the human resource area. That can manage new employee hiring , orientation, workers comp, trainings and safety management ect. Someone who embraces a diverse set of people, thinking and styles, cultivating and supporting our workplace to promote optimum performance.

* Bilingual English and Spanish *HR or/and Safety management experience (minimum 2 years) *Handle sensitive and confidential information *Ability to maintain professionalism always including dealing with difficult as well as sensitive situations

To Apply:
Please call our office 770-716-7514. Ask for Veronica Remiggi.

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