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Associate Director for On-Demand Training and Community

Posted:July 29, 2022 (posted 59 days ago)View All Jobs
Location:Carrollton, GA (GA County)
Company:International Leadership Institute
515 Tanner Street
Carrollton, GA 30117


The purpose of this position is to leverage the power of the internet to equip men and women to accelerate the spread of the Gospel through online community, discipleship, leadership development, and online training. This position is responsible to grow and maintain ILI’s on-demand leadership curriculum and community of global leaders. Additionally, this position will manage language teams around the world to provide training and community in the key languages used on the internet. Duties and Responsibilities Coordination of On-demand Training and Discipleship - Oversee the development and implementation of on-demand training certification experiences. - Oversee the coaching, communication, and management of participants engaging in on-demand training experiences and community (dialog, answer questions, troubleshoot experienced issues, encourage, mobilize) - Create and maintain strong relationships with ILI digital content and translation teams around the world to network best practices and accelerate growth - Research and implement best practices of culturally contextualized online learning Online Training Content Development - Develop and maintain online training content based on ILI’s globally recognized curriculum - Coordinate with ILI partners to create online content that can easily be translated and contextualized across multiple languages and cultures - Oversee all of phases of video production including recording, post-production, publishing, and distribution - Coordinate with ILI’s training department and global team for the development of online resources Marketing/Distribution of Online Training Resources - Market ILI’s online training and discipleship content to ILI alumni and Christian leaders outside of ILI network - Distribute online courses utilizing online learning management system - Grow user base through ILI networking, media, partnerships, and advertising - Evaluate emerging online technologies, recommend implementation where appropriate Analyze and Report Online Training Impact - Develop and implement tools to measure spiritual growth - Analyze and report impact of online content measured by the Eight Core Values and seven desired outcomes - Research and analyze data and report on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns - Prepare grants for raising funds through foundations and other partners


Uphold the Statement of Faith, Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the International Leadership Institute Bachelor’s degree in communication, technology, marketing or related field Minimum of 3 years work experience with demonstrated leadership ability Cultural sensitivity and openness to communicate and work with multiple cultures of the world Proficiency in Microsoft Office/Google Suite Experience in one or more CRM systems, Salesforce preferred Knowledge of latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurements of effectiveness Strong project management skills in order to deliver on outcomes with external resources

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