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Senior Marketer

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Location:Stuart, FL (Martin County)
Company:Soul Refiner
2751 SE Monroe St
Stuart, FL 34997


Are you a marketer looking to attract customers to something that actually makes a tremendous difference in their lives? Soul Refiner is a streaming platform that hosts virtual groups in over 100 nations around the world that use our digital tools and cinematic film series to help improve their lives. Soul Refiner is at the forefront of digital discipleship. Jesus understood the power of visual storytelling. Parables were simple stories that conveyed life-changing truth. What parables were then, is what film has become in our time. As craftsmen for the Kingdom, our goal is to share God’s heart through the universal language of film. These films are streamed through Soul Refiner to people across the world, but we need your skills to reach more people. What if you were part of a team who shared your passion for marketing? The Senior Marketer will play a critical role in the success of our platform, impacting millions of people around the world in the process. We are looking for a passionate Senior Marketer to join our team in Stuart, Florida Who We Are: • We’re a debt-free company that was founded by Jeremy & Tiana Wiles. • We’re bringing Bible-based cinematic series and digital tools at a scale never done before. • We’re providing a platform for digital discipleship to millions worldwide. There are thousands of groups that meet in over 100 nations across the globe that are using Soul Refiner. • We believe collaboration, innovation and a shared sense of mission come from being present with each other. That’s why all of our team members work together under one roof at our headquarters in Stuart, Florida. Why Work at Soul Refiner? We value our team and the dedication that goes into making this thing work. We’re a team that believes in taking care of each other like family. We help one another in and outside of company doors. It’s a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too, with plenty of room to celebrate victories, and support each other through tough times. Here’s just a few ways we’ve made Soul Refiner more than just a place to go to work. • Work that matters. We believe we exist to bring life-changing discipleship tools that heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. We know someone's life will be changed every time we show up. • Family first. The bible says that our first ministry should be to our families. We encourage that through a prioritized work-life balance. We provide support and tools to make sure your 40 hour work week is packed with productivity and success so you can get home to take care of your first ministry. Rarely do we exceed a 40-hour work week. And we have generous PTO and paid sick time off. • Healthy Culture. We make no apologies for the emphasis we put on a healthy mindset. We know the health of our company starts with the health of its team. Each member of our team knows what it means to keep and protect a positive, encouraging, and healthy environment. To foster a healthy culture, we focus on personal growth development training, resources, events; free access to all of Soul Refiner online tools; catered weekly “Cadence” meetings and a supportive atmosphere. • Keep It Fun. We’re serious about our mission, but we don’t have that corporate uptight atmosphere. We work really hard because we know the mom and dad who are inching closer to divorce need the hope we can bring to heal their marriage. But then we also believe in taking breaks and having some fun too. We often have company lunches, birthday and event celebrations, team outings and activities, family events, a relaxed dress and work environment, open bar (snack bar that is) and copious amount of fresh flowing coffee. (Yes, we have our own coffee roaster. We’re serious about our brew.) This is more than a career, it’s a calling. We’re just ordinary folks striving to do extraordinary things. We’d love the opportunity to hear from you and listen to why you believe you would make a good fit to our team. Apply now!


What Winning Looks Like: • You know your numbers - Analytics is your friend • You set the vision for and manage a wide variety of engaging initiatives • You search for channels to promote our platform, then determine how to execute the strategy • You sit in on customer interviews with our product and UX folks so you know who you’re marketing to and what their pain points are with our platform • You work with writers, content strategists, designers and marketing specialists to pull off the goals the team sets Skills Needed to Win: Realistically, we need someone with strong marketing experience and familiarity with digital marketing trends. Your previous work will demonstrate how great of a marketer you truly are. • 3-6 years of performance marketing experience, where you can explain how you analyze a marketing funnel and determine where to start with improving it. • Ability to organize and manage multiple initiatives simultaneously • Team player mentality (working well with product designers, developers, other marketers, etc.) • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

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