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Location:Tampa, FL (Hillsborough County)
Company:JMI Resource
1930 Land O Lakes Blvd
Lutz, FL 33549


Responsibilities : Shipping and Receiving Inventory Control Manage Storeroom Maintains storage and supply areas Maintains authorized stock levels Completes reports and maintains records, forms, and reports (electronic and paper) Parts research from stock lists and manuals to assign stock numbers to parts


Requirements: A high school education or equivalent One year experience in aircraft storekeeping, inventory, material control, and/or shipping and receiving. Familiar with aircraft stock catalogues, aircraft components, parts or stock lists, etc., and be able to look up part numbers. (Preferred) Ability to perform physical labor and accurately follow verbal or written instructions. Must be able to use hand tools and equipment such as hammers, saw, crow bars, hand and jack trucks. Must be able to read and write legibly. Must have working knowledge of operation of a motor vehicle, fork lift, etc. Must possess some knowledge of handling, transporting, shipping, and disposal of hazardous materials. Must have an understanding and working knowledge of hazardous material handling and disposal as related to the job assignment. Must be able to operate computer equipment and programs when given proper training. Must have a Valid Driver’s License Must qualify for airport SIDA badge General Computer Skills Job Type: Full-time

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