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Medical Director for Skilled Nursing Center

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Location:Atlanta, GA (Fulton County)
Company:PAC Leaders
925 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30005


Work as a Contractor, 1099 3 different roles: #1 Medical Director: Standing meeting, Quapi 1x per month, Clinical meeting weekly with DON, RTH meeting every other week. Expected to have physician meeting 1x per quarter, Physician Leadership Role: complaints by family/patients to address, work with team on policies and recommendations , communications w/ don and adm and other leaders ,communication with family #2 Attending Physician #3 Collaborating Physician Physician Expectations I. Assessment A. Medical assessment must be completed by attending physician according to one of the following guidelines: 1. Long-term care residents must have medical assessment no more than five (5) days prior to admission or within seventy-two (72) hours after admission. A hospital History & Physical on a direct transfer is acceptable if the same physician who attended the resident at the hospital will attend the resident at the nursing facility. 2. A Medicare or subacute resident must have a medical assessment within forty-eight (48) hours of admission. The attending physician must also document the plan of care in an admission progress note. 3. The assessment must be completed in Point Click Care (PCC) under the progress note tab. 1. Select MD note or H&P, depending on type of note 2. If you are unable to complete note on date of visit, you must document patient seen, dictation to follow. 3. Link dictated note to original note in progress note. Adjust calendar in PCC to indicate actual date of assessment. 4. Provide a list of patients seen to medical records on each visit. B. After the initial assessment, a medical assessment must be completed whenever the resident’s mental or physical condition significantly changes and at least annually. C. Medical assessment shall include: 1. Chief complaint and medical history 2. Physical status including all body systems 3. Mental/behavior status 4. Decision making capability 5. Diagnoses 6. Rehabilitation potential 7. Plan of care D. Oral assessment is completed within ninety (90) days before or after admission and annually thereafter. This assessment can be performed by the attending physician, a dentist or dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist. II. Certification/Recertification A. Certification/recertification should include the following information on Medicare residents: 1. Reason for skilled service 2. Estimate of length of coverage 3. Discharge plans B. Signatures must be dated: 1. Prior to or upon admission 2. Within fourteen (14) days of admission 3. Within thirty (30) days following the first certification 4. Within thirty (30) days following the second recertification III. Physician Orders A. Physician orders must be completed prior to or upon admission and renewed every thirty (30) days in PCC (Pending order reviews; Orders Pending Signature) 1. Medications and treatments 2. Diet and supplements 3. Therapies 4. Diagnostic tests; X-Rays (Must be checked and reviewed in PCC) 5. Therapeutic activities IV. Physician Visits A. Long-term care residents shall be seen by attending physician every thirty (30) days for the first ninety (90) days after admission and at least every sixty (60) days thereafter. B. Medicare and subacute residents shall be seen by attending physician within forty-eight (48) hours after admission and every thirty (30) days thereafter. C. Visits by physicians should include: 1. Exam of resident and clinical record 2. Progress notes documented in Point Click Care (PCC) under progress note tab; MD note 3. All orders signed in Point Click Care (PCC); orders pending signature 4. Review labs and clinical diagnostic report; labs/diagnostic reports; select view D. Attending physician visits may alternate with those of a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. E. Any special therapies, such as wound care, specialty beds, IV therapy, PT, OT, RT, or SLP should be indicated as necessary for continued progress. F. Progress notes shall include: 1. Reasons for Medicare/subacute coverage 2. Change in diagnosis 3. Complications 4. Improvement in condition 5. Measures taken to assist resident to reach highest practical mental/physical functional level 6. Status of specialized treatments and medical indications V. On Call Coverage A. Each physician shall designate a physician to be on call for his residents, to provide regular or emergency care when the assigned physician is not available. VI. Discharge Summary A. Discharge summaries are written within thirty (30) days of the resident’s discharge. The discharge summary by the physician must include the following: 1. Cause of death 2. Final diagnosis 3. Course of treatment in the facility 4. Physician’s signature VII. Correspondence A. Physician shall respond immediately to all correspondences that require a physician’s signature. VIII. A. physcians meeting shall be held quarterly to discuss updates to policies and to discuss suggestions to improving the delivery of care.


Licensed Medical Doctor

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For more info or to send CV contact: Miriam D Deberry Post Acute Care Recruiter 770.309.7876

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