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Veterinary Technician

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Location:Atlanta, GA (Fulton County)
Company:Common Companion Vet Co
240 North Highland Ave Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30307


Looking for an experienced veterinary technician (RVT not required) with excellent communication and customer service skills. Common Companion is a locally owned, high-quality medicine, and customer service-centered veterinary practice in the heart of Inman Park right on the Beltline. Come join the Common Companion family! To get more of the feel for our practice check out our website at and Instagram: @commoncompanionvet.


High school graduate/GED, previous Veterinary experience preferred. Must enjoy working with animals, and be able to provide client communications. Should pay attention to detail, respond quickly, and maintain high standards of patient care. Must be able to multi-task, follow directions, and perform duties without direct supervision. Must have excellent judgement skills. Must also be able to supervise and assist ancillary employees. EXPECTATION/ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Annually reviews the Safety and Policy/Procedures Manual Attends required staff meetings Completes initial safety Completes and passes drug and alcohol tests Completes training and task training manuals I. ANIMAL CARE Delivers optimum nursing care to patients in hospital in accordance with clinical standards including but not limited to: Maintains cleanliness of hospitalized pets and cages Administer or direct treatments accurately as designated by doctor Maintaining fluid therapy in accordance to doctors orders Oversees well being of all patients including boarders and grooms Monitoring ill and surgical patients and notifying doctor of condition Maintain knowledge of all patients in hospital as well as their status II. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Demonstrates appropriate communication skills in the following areas as evidenced by: Displays a respectful, courteous manner with clients, vendors, visitors, and staff Maintaining accurate patient records Reports changes in animal condition to appropriate doctor Informs other team members of pertinent info relating to cases Effectively educates clients to the needs and requirements of their pet Notifying doctors of tasks (ex~rooms to be seen, surgeries, drop-offs, etc) Communicating issues and concerns through appropriate chain of command Maintaining confidentiality of clients Promoting positive image of the clinic to clients and public Give instructions and directions to staff members directly under tech supervision Demonstrates professionalism when addressing difficult client or staff situations Has ability and willingness to assist in training of job tasks for new employees III. TECHNICAL SKILLS Demonstrates ability to perform the following tasks as evidenced by: Performing treatments as assigned by doctor Placing patients in room and preparing for doctor exam Assisting doctors in rooms with patients Entering patient charges accurately in computer Filling prescriptions Discharging patients from rooms, surgery, hospital, etc. Performing radiographs and assisting in ultrasounds Performing surgery prep, anesthesia monitoring, and recovery Ability to prepare and or give injections under supervision of doctors Blood and urine collection Laboratory functions (blood machines, urinalysis, fecals, heartworm checks, etc) Perform cursory exams including TPR’s, and assessment of immediate health Perform dentals under supervision of doctor Placement of iv catheters Drug Administration Consistently follows tasks as outlined in Technician Procedures and Handbook IV. DECISION MAKING SKILLS Demonstrates sound judgement skills in decision making as evidenced by: Demonstrating adequate time management in completing daily tasks Utilizing assessment skills to plan daily activities Coordinating work with other staff for optimum productivity Prioritizing tasks when working with constraints of high client volume, interruptions, or other stress related events. Able to effectively solve everyday problems as they arise INITIATIVE: Demonstrates initiative in performing work tasks as evidenced by: Anticipating doctor needs as related to animal care Anticipating client needs as related to their pet Anticipating needs of patients in the hospital Performing duties adequately with minimal supervision Assisting other staff members as needed in related tasks Utilizing resourcefulness in the completion of daily tasks Identifying methods to improve personal job performance Attempting non-routine tasks Using innovation to develop ways for clinic to improve Assisting new employees in their development and job performance VI. SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT Demonstrates effective safety and risk management behavior as evidenced by: Properly maintaining mechanical equipment in work area Performing basic cleaning and organization of work area Utilizing universal precautions to prevent exposure to body fluids Identifying and reporting hazards to Practice Manager Complying with policies and procedures both written and spoken Using appropriate animal handling techniques to avoid injury VII. TASKS Assist doctors as needed Provide nursing care as mentioned above Perform all procedures as mentioned above Maintain log books (surgery, radiology, controlled drugs) Assist in inventory control and ordering Monitor doctors schedule Maintain surgical packs and assist in sterilization process Assure lab work is filed appropriately and owner notified Perform nightly closedown procedures (turning off machines, lab pickup, etc) Assist all other staff members when needed Assures compliance with financial policies Main source of client communications Assist in development and implementation of marketing strategies Follows OSHA regulations Maintains medical instruments, and equipment Assists in cleaning the hospital Maintains stock supplies (refills alcohol bottles, cotton, etc.) Unloads and reconciles inventory items Follows guidelines and regulations concerning direct and indirect supervision

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