Life with Jerry Williams

A Goober Flipping Burgers: Matthew West

September 21, 2020

They met in the parking lot of a radio station in the early 2000s. Matthew West was cooking up burgers on a charcoal grill, trying to win his way into the hearts of radio program directors. That’s how Jerry met him. In this episode Jerry shares some archive interview segments with Matthew, plus this week’s good news.

70 Years Of Romance

September 14, 2020

In this episode Jerry talks with Bill and Betty Murphy who recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The couple shares their story and some advice for maintaining a loving, healthy and happy marriage. , Jerry also has details on the National Honey Board’s Queen’s Choice Awards, and of course, there’s this week’s good news. See the full list of winners from the National Honey Board's Queen's Choice Awards here:

Jerry Talks With Jeremy Camp

September 7, 2020

In this episode Jerry talks with singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp about the changes Jeremy has seen since he began recording and what he and his family do when he’s not on the road. Jerry also shares some thoughts on our responsibility to recognize and meet needs, and of course, there’s this week’s good news. Here's the link to Vin Scully's Twitter profile:

Cooking With Zach Williams

August 31, 2020

Zach Williams is Jerry’s guest this week and he shares about his side hustle as wannabe chef and cookbook author. Interested in learning more about Apitourism (a travel concept combining bees, beekeeping and memorable journeys)? Check out this article on Here’s the link to the station in the UK that’s been playing all Christmas music since August 25. You’ll need a UK postal code to be able to stream it.

Jerry Talks With Amy Grant

August 24, 2020

Jerry pulls another conversation out of the archives, this time with the incomparable Amy Grant. They discuss how Amy keeps busy when she's not in the studio or on the road. If you have a romantic “How We Met” story that you’d like to share, email Jerry with details at Keep up with Jerry on his blog for The JOY FM: