Life with Jerry Williams

Vacation Memories

June 29, 2020

In anticipation of his vacation, Jerry shares some memories from childhood vacations. Plus, his two cents on some of the new rules that Major League Baseball will employ in their newly announced short 2020 season. You can see Jerry's blog with highlights from his daily radio show on The JOY FM here:

Jerry Talks With Carmen Brown

June 22, 2020

Carmen Brown of The Morning Cruise on The JOY FM joins Jerry to share her faith journey, from daughter of the town drunk to one of the most respected people in radio today. Find out more about: Carmen’s podcast, “Off-Air With Carmen” Information on Team Freedom Hope For Justice

Be Angry

June 15, 2020

Jerry shares some thoughts on anger, especially in light of recent events in America. Check out Jerry's blog on The JOY FM website:

A Little Introspection With Benji Shepherd

June 8, 2020

Jerry is joined by co-worker Benji Shepherd. Benji and Jerry, along with Rob Langer, co-host The Finding Joy Podcast (link below). On this episode the discussion looks at the value of self examination, a support system and shared experiences. Find out more about Benji on an episode of The Jules Show Podcast here: And here's the link to The Finding Joy Podcast:

Selfie Dad: Jerry Talks With Michael Jr.

June 1, 2020

Michael Jr. is a comedian and actor. His new movie, "Selfie Dad," releases on June 19. Jerry talks with him about the film, his background in comedy and how he came to faith. For more details on the movie "Selfie Dad" click here: Visit Michael Jr.'s website here: This episode was recorded via a Zoom video call, so there may be some bonus video material on the way. You can always find that stuff on Jerry's YouTube Channel here: