Life with Jerry Williams

Activation Required

February 24, 2020

Jerry visits with Juan Devevo, guitarist for the group Casting Crowns, and a budding stand up comedian. They're joined by Rob and Benji from Jerry's other podcast, "The Finding Joy Podcast" for a cheesecake taste test. And Jerry draws some spiritual applications from a recent upgrade to his mobile phone. Hear the Juan Devevo episode of "The Finding Joy Podcast" here:

The Night Is Coming

February 17, 2020

When Jesus healed the man who had been born blind, He warned the disciples of the coming night. In the following verses we see the battle between dark and light play out between the man who was healed and the religious leaders of the day. Jerry shares some thoughts on how this story is still relevant today. Plus, with baseball's spring training getting underway Jerry reveals why he's a New York Yankees fan.

Life with Jerry Williams (Trailer)

February 13, 2020

I Have Called You Friends

February 10, 2020

A hastily answered question inspired this week's topic on the true cost of friendship. Plus, Jerry finally divulges how he came to be obsessed with Hostess Twinkies. You can find bonus material and more information on some of the things Jerry talks about on this podcast on his website:

A Time For Nonsense

February 3, 2020

Jerry shares some thoughts on why so many times the things of God seem foolish, like His plan should never work, and yet it always does. Plus a story about a life saving rubber chicken. See a photo of the original life-saving chicken here: