Gone Fishing

Monday, April 05, 2021

Beach cookingImagine you are among the 12 disciples of Jesus. It’s a little more than a week after that first Easter. You’ve seen Jesus twice since then. The first time in the upper room on the evening of Easter and the second time eight days later, in that same upper room. What do you do after that?

Peter decided to go fishing. And Thomas, Nathaniel, James and John and two others went with him. That isn’t as odd as it may sound, Peter and James and John were fishermen by trade before they started following Jesus.

Maybe Peter and these other disciples just needed a little time to think through the world changing events of the past couple of weeks. Doing something familiar often helps clear the mind, and even though it had been three years since they’d been fishing, this was an activity that Peter and James and John knew well. Though on this particular occasion they were not very successful. John writes that they caught nothing.

But in the morning, just as the sun was breaking through the night, Jesus appeared on the beach and instructed them to cast their net on the right-hand side of the boat. They did so, and the net was so full of fish that they were unable to haul it into the boat. John recognized that it was Jesus on the shore and told Peter. Peter left the boat, swimming the 100 yards to shore, where Jesus had breakfast waiting.

The disciples ate and fellowshipped with Jesus that morning. It would be one of the final times they were in the Lord’s physical presence. Sometimes we need to get away from all of the distractions of life and wait to see how God will interact with us. When life seems to be getting crazy hectic and you’re having trouble hearing Him, try going fishing.

This week during Mid Day Prayer Time, around 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM, I’ll be sharing from the first half of John 21.

Mon 04/05                John 21:1-3
Tue  04/06                John 21:4-6
Wed 04/07                John 21:7-8
Thu  04/08                John 21:9-11
Fri    04/09                John 21:12-14

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