Jerry Interviews Jordan Feliz

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Jordan FelizAfter a stint with the band A Current Affair, Jordan Feliz and his wife Jamie moved to Nashville so he could pursue a solo career. He was signed to Centricity Records after attending a retreat for unsigned artists hosted by the label.

He released an EP, “Beloved,” in October 2015. That was followed by the full length “The River” in April 2016 and his second studio album, “Future,” in March 2018. Jordan won the New Artist of the Year Dove Award in 2016.

I had the opportunity to talk with him in anticipation of “The Faith Tour” stopping in our area.

We talked a little bit about life on the road and his family.

I had read that Jordan and Jamie were high school sweethearts, so I asked him about that.

Jordan Feliz

Finally, I had to ask him about an incident involving a green couch when he was in our area with Matthew West a little while back.

Jordan Feliz & the green couch

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