When God Laughs

Monday, September 16, 2019

Have you ever been on the outside of an inside joke? It’s not a very good feeling. Of course, if you don’t even realize that there is an inside joke your ignorance makes that joke all the funnier to those who ARE on the inside.

Inside JokeThat’s one way of looking at the world today. There’s an inside joke but many people who see themselves as knowledgeable, worldly, woke aren’t even aware that there is a joke. In this case, however, being on the outside should not inspire laughter but sympathy from those of us who are in on the joke.

In Psalm 2 David (who is largely believed to be its author) sets the scene with the leaders of the nations devising plans (or, as David calls it, “a vain thing”) against God. This could have been written yesterday and it would still be as true. Except, perhaps, that many of the leaders and influencers of today would not even admit to God’s existence.

David then switches the scene to Heaven, “He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.” God is in on the joke.

Again, this is not a particularly funny joke. And those of us who are also in on it should remember that we were not always on the inside. Somewhere along the line someone took us aside and broke the news to us. “Now therefore, o kings, show discernment; take warning o judges of the earth. Worship the Lord with reverence and rejoice with trembling. Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry and you perish in the way, for His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!”

We can plainly see the plans of the world to confound the things of God. And as we recoil at those actions we must seek to warn those who make such plans rather than chuckle as we wait for God to execute judgment.

I’ll be sharing from Psalms 2 this week during Middays Prayer Time around 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

Mon 09/16               Psalms 2:1 – 3
Tue 09/17                Psalms 2:4 – 6
Wed 09/18               Psalms 2:7 – 8
Thu 09/19                Psalms 2:9 – 10
Fri 09/20                  Psalms 2:11 – 12

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